Tuesday, April 9, 2013

twice a week workout


run two miles

3 sets of 10 push ups

5 sets of 100 sit ups or 10 sets of 50

10 pull ups

10 1,500 meter sprints

3 sets of 10 push ups

5 sets of 100 sit ups or 10 sets of 50

10 pull ups


cool down walk

Thursday, March 14, 2013

spring break cardio workout

Make sure your muscles are warm and start out with a good stretch

run 1 mile, ( if you cant make a mile run half and jog half)

2 minutes of abs (crunches)
1 minute of jump rope (regular, single leg, or alternating)

sprint 5 40- yd dashes

2 minutes - abs (alternate side crunches)

10-20 push ups (depending on endurance, try to do these as fast as possible with the full range of motion in hopes of making it more of an aerobic exercise.)

run 1 mile (or half a mile)

2 minutes -

1 minute - lunges (weighted or unweighted)

run 1 mile (or half again )

2 minutes  - alternating leg lifts

1 minute - jump rope (regular, single leg, or alternating)

cool down by walking half a mile or a lap.

stretch good at the end

Monday, March 11, 2013

Always get a good stretch in before and after every workout

10 V ups (for a better challenge hold a 5 or ten pound dumbbell in your hands while doing these)
               ( lay flat on your back with your arms above your head and your legs straight and together and you bring your legs up keeping them straight the whole time while you bring your back up off the floor and touch your ankles than go back down and repeat)

rest ten seconds

20 side to side crunches  ( lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor and your arms to your sides, bring your shoulder blades up off the floor and move from side to side working the love handles.going one on the left and one on the right equals one)

rest ten seconds

20 side plank knee tucks on each side  (put your body straight and hold it up with one arm while facing the wall, bring the knee closest to the ceiling up and touch it with your hand)

rest ten seconds

20 mountain climbers (one left and one right equals one) (get in a push up position and bring one knee up at a time bouncing to the opposite side)

rest fifteen seconds

20 pushups

rest ten seconds

20 dog leg lift on each side (get on all fours like a dog and bring one leg up to the side while still being bent and bring it back down, kind of like a dog peeing on a tree)

rest 5 seconds

20 circle dog leg lifts on each side (same thing as a dog lift just bring your leg in a big circle keeping it bent the whole time)

rest ten seconds

50 regular crunches

rest 10 seconds

10 frog jumps (jump up like a frog bringing your knees out to the side and high and hit your knees with your hands each jump)

rest fifteen seconds

ten mountain climber peaks (get in a push up position but with your knees bent and jump into a hand stand with with your knees still bent.)

2 minute water break than start all over. do this 3x

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Daily Meal Plan

1.Breakfast:                         30-50 carb meal, 150-450 calories
2.two hours after breakfast: 10-30 carb snack, 80-150 calories
3.Lunch:                               30-50 carb meal,  100-400 calories
4.two hours after lunch:        10-25 carb snack, 50-150 calories
5.two hours after last snack:     10-25 carb snack, 50-150 calories
6.Supper:                             30-50 carbs meal,100- 400 calories

Healthy Food Choices

(note: Diabetics should pay more attention to carbs than calories, because carbs determine what your blood sugar levels will be)

Banana- 90 calories, 23 carbs
Apple-    65 calories, 15 carbs
Pear-      100 calories, 25 carbs
strawberries- 1 cup = 50 calories, 11 carbs
grapes-           1 cup= 105 calories, 25 carbs
orange-   80 calories, 21 carbs
grape fruit- 97 calories, 13 carbs
avocado-   250 calories, 15 carbs

tomato- 18 calories, 5 carbs
carrots-   1 cup = 53 calories, 13 carbs
broccoli- 1 cup= 30 calories, 12 carbs
spinach-  1 cup= 13 calories, 1 carb
corn-       1 cup= 120 calories, 20 carbs
cucumbers- 1 cup= 16 calories, 3 carb

Proteins (very low carbs)
cheese- 1 slice= 45 calories, 2 carbs
egg-                   70 calories,  0.4 carbs
salmon-             100 calories, 0 carbs
tuna fish- 1        80 caloris,    0 carbs
grilled chicken- 1 cup= 250 calories, 0 carbs
peanut butter- 2 tbsp= 190 calories,8 carbs
steak- 3oz=                   150 calories,0 carbs
These aren't all of them but a lot of my everyday foods. I made a list to give everyone an idea of everything and what they have in them.These are foods that everyone needs in there daily meal plan. I usually eat a granola bar or yogurt for my snacks. One BIG thing is to get rid of all that junk food in your house.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

About Dieting

Never ever think that starving your self does the trick. Putting your body in starvation mode is not only difficult for it to receive enough nutrition but it  also lowers your metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult. It's good to eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 or 4 larger meals a day, for eating more smaller portions shrinks your stomach and allows your body to burn smaller amounts of carbs all day which is good for your metabolism.  Eating 3 big meals is too much for your body to burn off so the extra food, which means more carbs, just turns into sugar in your body. It also helps keep your glucose levels better which is not only good for diabetics but for every one else as well.Its also a good idea to write down everything you eat in a journal. That always helped me because sometimes you forget what all you stick in your mouth throughout the day and when you write it down it makes you more accountable. sometimes your surprised at all the unhealthy things you consume. (i along with all the other diabetics should also include writing down your daily blood sugars along with what you eat, it helps you know your patterns of highs and lows)  We all know that it's hard to never cheat on your diet, especially when you're around friends, at parties, and most of all on holidays. It's ok to allow your self to eat a few junk foods once in a while, but don't over do it and don't allow it to let you turn back into that life style. Usually if you do something for three months straight then after that it becomes natural for you with out a struggle at all. So three months of fighting can change the rest of your life. Believe in yourself.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

The struggles of a Diabetic

Everyone who has Diabetes knows they it is very important to take care of yourself. Every one knows their own body, how it will react to what they eat, and the boundaries that they shouldn't cross. Its always important to keep a close eye on how your sugars act during the day. I know many type one diabetics (my father being one) who can allow them self's to a little sugar and actually not get sick. Chocolate, candy, cake, etc. Me on the other hand could take a bite out of a snickers bar and pay for it by being sick all day. Some of us our more brittle than other. Most of the time guys with diabetes have far more freedom than us girls. With all our hormone changes it does a good job at messing with our blood sugars. Usually a week before my monthly cycle, and the week of, I cant eat any carbs what so ever with out my blood sugars going through the roof. I also have to up my insulin on those weeks to keep them under control. A lot of  People think that you can eat whatever you want if you just cover it with insulin, but i promise you are doing much harm to your body. Even when your sugar bottoms out you should always stay away from the sugary foods and always bring it up with things like peanut butter or milk if its around. Sugar will bring it up really fast and it will come back down shortly after (but of coarse if chocolate is the only thing around than you must bring those sugars up), and proteins will bring it up and level it out. Just always remember that our bodies don't work like everyone elses bodies, and sugar is like poison to our bodies. Take good care of yourself while you are young so you wont pay for it in your future. This disease can destroy your eyes, kidneys, heart, body, and can be extremely life threatening. Always eat a clean healthy diet and make sure you get at least an hour of exercise everyday to keep your sugars leveled out.